(What are the factors that will lead to success of a health politics policy and what are the barriers?

Project descriptionPolicy Brief on the Affordable Care ActThe goal of a policy brief is to highlight the essential information necessary for a busy policy maker to make a decision about that issue. This policy brief will be on the Affordable Care Act. Act as if you were writing a policy brief to a lawmaker who was about to vote on this act (in other words, act as if we were still debating this law); this lawmaker has very little background in health policy. Your policy brief should provide enough information for the lawmaker to make an informed vote on the Affordable Care Act.Your primary source for this project will be Landmark by the Washington Post staff. However, aIDitional research will be required.At minimum, your policy brief must include the following sections:Summarize the Affordable Care Act and its major provisions (1-2 pages)Historical Context of the Act (one page or less)Critically analyze the political and policy context (What are the factors that will lead to success of the Act and what are the barriers? Who are the stakeholders and what do they say about the law? What is the legislative and legal situation/support?) (2 pages)Recommendations: Provide clear, concise, and factual Key Findings (these may be bulleted, but must be full sentences) that present your best argument for why the Act should or should not pass. (1-2 pages)Here are some examples of policy briefs that may help you get a sense of the type of document you will prepare:http://www.chlpi.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/FLPC_Child-Nutrition-Reauthorization-Policy-Brief-Jan-2016.pdfhttp://ww2.rch.org.au/emplibrary/ccch/Policy_Brief_24_web.pdfhttp://globalpolicysolutions.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/ACA-and-Racial-Disparities.pdfhttp://poverty.ucdavis.edu/sites/main/files/file-attachments/policy_brief_hamilton_healthinsurance_print.pdfhttp://www.unwater.org/downloads/unwpolbrief230606.pdfOther Instructions:You may not plagiarize in any way on this assignment. All work must be yours and yours alone. You may not use quotes from any source, whether accurately cited or not. Everything should be in your own words to reflect your own understanding of the material you have read. Plagiarism and/or use of direct quotes (whether appropriately cited or not) will result in failure on the assignment and possibly in the class.All information that you present that is not the product of your own original thought must be appropriately cited in APA style in a reference page.The assignment should be presented in 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins. Alternatively, you may use a presentation style similar to the example policy briefs above (two-column pages like a newspaper article); this can be done relatively easily in MS Word.
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