UOFM IT Capstone Proposal and Business Management Capstone Project

IT Capstone Proposal


Choosing a capstone IT project. Provide an overview of the research or information technology project that you would like to do for your capstone. This research/project should be something new and achievable within the current semester.

Suggested research might be some technology that is influencing your organization.

Suggested projects may include: A project proposal to introduce a new technology into your organization. While this may be a project, APA style formatting and academic research components will still be included in this document.


Cover Page (1 page)

Body of the paper should include these sections

Introduction – what is it that you’re going to tell the reader. Introduce your intent.

Description of the problem addressed

Research – discuss why you are researching this topic and the benefit to the organization

Project – discuss the organizational problem that the implementation of your project will address.

Conclusion. Sum up what you told the reader. Close out your intent and next steps.

** Keep in mind that this research/project paper is only a proposal and that the research. You will be setting up a research proposal or a project proposal but won’t be implementing. This should be a document that you could take to work and

Length: 6-8-page APA written paper (this does not include the cover and references page)

Points: 125/1000 points

Assignment: – 2


This 1-2-page document (single spaced) is an opportunity for you to discuss where you are on your research/project proposal. Discuss things such as:

Items you are currently working on

Research you’ve conducted so far – share references (in APA format) and tell me how the research is going

What you’d like to have completed by the end of the module and a timeline for completion

If there’s anything you need from me in order to move forward.

This status report may not be submitted late. It is intended to submit by the end of this current module.

Blackboard Submission: This assignment will be submitted through this Blackboard link.

Length: 1-2-page status report.

Points: 25/1000 points


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