Truth in Science IP

Deliverable Length: 10-12 PowerPoint
slides (not including title and reference slides); at least 3 images

Computers are part of people’s
everyday lives. You are likely reading this assignment on a computer screen
right now; you may have a smartphone sitting on your desk, and maybe you just
came back from a business trip during which you made airline and hotel
reservations online. Over the last several years, you may have noticed that
computers are able to store more information and process that information more
quickly. New research into the electron spin of atoms hints at a new computer
revolution in the near future.


For this project, you will be
exploring the developments in material science that have allowed computers to
become so fast. Please address the following:

  • What are the 3 essential properties of every material?
  • New materials often lead to new technologies that
    change society. Describe how silicon-based semiconductors revolutionized
  • What are microchips? How are they related to
    integrated circuits?
  • One of the pressing questions about the increasing
    ability of computers to quickly process large amounts of information is
    whether a computer can be built that is considered “alive” or
    “conscious.” What is artificial intelligence?

    • What are 2 essential differences between human brains
      and the central processing unit of a computer?


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