the vietnam war 2

This quiz is rather different from the previous ones in terms of its structure, deliverables, and grading. In line with the third module’s focus on digital/media analysis, I want you to select an online text (audio, visual, audio-visual) that is premised on memories/legacies of the Vietnam War.

In a Word doc, follow these steps, and upload it to this assignment forum.

1. Provide a URL to the text.

2. Examine what specific memories/histories the text engages with.

3. From whose perspective is it presented?

4. Who is the audience?

5. What rhetorical devices are used and to which effect?

6. (If applicable) How is “justice” envisioned?

7. How is the role of the USA figured?

8. (If applicable) Does the text echo similar works in Asian American popular culture?


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