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“The Reason of The Trumpendous Victory”

The presidential campaign of 2016 was the most decisive election in history. Social media, blogs, websites, journalism and many more online communities reach millions of people and provide knowledge, false information, gossip, and sensationalism to persuade the voters toward Clinton or Trump. Donald Trump was a boisterous candidate and novel to politics. People were intrigued by his straight forward speeches and unconventional messages. Stunningly, Donald J Trump won the 2016 election by a landslide by of 306 electoral votes versus long time politician Hillary Clinton by 232 votes. How did Donald Trump make such a grand victory? Why did the people believe in a man with no military or political background?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both brought to the election, scandals, lies, controversy and skepticism to the voters. Her email scandal was getting worse and causing distrust amongst the American people. Negligent comments were made regarding Trump supporters such as being called deplorable, racist, xenophobic which was very distasteful emerging from a veteran politician.

Trumps ways of getting his voters to like him even more was insane to many but in so many ways amazing. He once said while giving a speech “If I went down 5th avenue and shot somebody my poll numbers still will go up!”, while stating how loyal his supporters are. Incredibly his poll numbers did go up! Though if any other politician said something like this they would have been pummeled in the numbers.

The fact is that Trump is an outsider, he is someone that no one has never seen before step to the podium when delivering his speeches. During Clinton speeches she seemed so old fashioned and that is what people were tired of, people wanted change. Clinton had a hard time connecting to people and needed much help from different sources when getting the votes of younger people. For example she even needed to get celebrity artists to endorse her, for example Jay Z and Beyonce. To many she seemed very desperate because all in the end, she looked like she was losing her grasp on the American people.

At first his nomination was not taken seriously however as the election progressed he was successful in continuing the race for president. Once he became well known from media coverage off and online the disbelief of his candidacy became a reality and the public were more engaged in his policies and making America great again.

Trump brought many new ideas and ideologies to the people in this race, he wanted to present something new, a billionaire business man that had a greater vision for the United States. Many of the mainstream media outlets argued that Mr.Trump was unfit for the presidency since he has zero political background. Though this is very arguable to Trump supporters. Many citizens of the United States feel that our economy is becoming slower and our politicians are less efficient and want something new in the white house, Trump is the way to this dream.

The now president elect related to the people in the rallies, he was the only running man that took no money from special interests or lobbyists which made him seem transparent to the voters and gave an image that we was strictly for the people. He proved that he was no way a puppet and was in total control of his actions for the the future. Unlike himself, Clinton took millions of dollars from special interests groups and even foreign donors as well.

When it came to Hillary Clinton, she did not seem human to many voters, her responses were always robotic because she had to refrain herself from going off script due to all the people that put money in her back pocket. Trump didn’t care what anyone thought and he spoke his mind and told the American people the hard to believe truth that we are really getting ripped off by these politicians that get nothing done and spend mass amounts of money in wars and efforts that get us nowhere. His speeches give an awakening sense to the people and he reminds them that all he always has loved this country and wants to bring back what the politicians and foreign countries have taken away from us, trade especially.

The media played a gigantic roll in the race, with many mainstream media’s backing Hillary Clinton and trashing Donald Trump in many cases. Incredibly Trump didn’t need TV ads for help his campaign, the mainstream media was doing all the advertising for him by bashing him constantly on his ways of not being politically correct, in fact he spent half of what Hillary did on her campaign, which was a billion dollars. Trump in other hand, without much of the aid of mainstream media networks had gained a lot of momentum from Hillary Clinton’s dreaded email server scandal and with many FBI criminal investigations. In the last week of the election the FBI director James Comey reopened the investigation into Clinton’s email server which made the lead in the polls drop to Trump’s level. After this happening many voters became skeptical of Clinton’s honesty and worthiness to represent the American people, which made Trump shine more.

Many people have found that Comey’s last minute re-opening of the FBI investigation is a heavy reason of why Clinton lost. To get more information about this issue I went a interviewed a political science professor from Montgomery College who analysed the election closely, Professor. Sember. When I asked him if Comey’s FBI investigation re-opening a week before election day made her lose he said that her FBI investigations are just like Mcdonalds breakfast sausages, every time Clinton had a case re-open it was like changing the breading that comes with the sausage, for example biscuit, muffin, mcgriddle etc. So at the end of all the investigations and especially when Comey re-introduced the new investigation, in the end it was the same sausage, the voters knew Hillary is crooked, even her supporters. Though they tried to look past that because they did not want to see Trump in power due it his wanting of great change in the American political system.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton had many scandals when it came to womanizing, Whitewater, the emails, selling speeches to banks for millions of dollars etc.There Many people felt that If she won, that all of this will continue and would run the country’s image. Also there was much speculation of Clinton’s health deteriorating with many cases of her losing energy quickly, passing out when out and also coughing a lot during speeches. On November 11th 2016 she even fainted on camera and showed up all over the news. After Trump saw this, he went out to his doctor and brought his medical records and went on national TV to prove to the American people that he is healthy and able to thrive for the country.

Many critics come to say that Trump is unfit to be president, with being said he was the first runner up to have no political experience nor military experience. Being true only having a background of business, this is what his supporters like! They actually do love the fact that he is not establishment. With whatever he will provide, everyone knows in the back of their minds that he is a successful business man that is worth multiple billion dollars. A lot of people are getting a sense of fatigue from the typical politicians that come to power, from sounding overly robotic and scripted when it came to whenever they spoke, the Trump supporters loved that he spoke with so much emotion and energy, that also he spoke about every American’s fears and dreams. For example, he seemed to bring light to the blue collar workers when it came to illegal immigrants taking jobs from them.

Trump brings new ideas and views on issues that are scared to be poked at by regular politicians and this is what his supporters liked. The fact that no one really knows exactly what he is going to do when he gets into office made him even more attractive because many citizens felt that every politician that came into power the same old gig. Seeing the United States being run a business by a businessman might be a good move, nobody knows.

People are scared that trump might mess up while in office because his lack of government experience, but with all his master minded business experience, people feel that he can revive the U.S. economy and grow value in our trade. From the start Trump has always talked about improving trade with foreign countries, creating more jobs in the United States, and most importantly regain the economic strength we had in the past. He complains about how a lot of countries are ripping of the U.S. for example when he talked about Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, he said in the United States you see everyone driving Toyota cars but in the Japan you hardly find people driving Chevys or Fords. He says we are losing in factory jobs, so many manufacturers are leaving to China and Mexico because of decreased amounts of taxation and regulation that stop companies from growing to larger scales.

Not only trade that the American people worry about, it is also what happens across the other side of the world, Russia. The United States and Russia have always had many clashes when it can to relations. Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration seemed to make it only worse which was very appealing to many Americans, many felt that we need to get along with other super powers. Clinton even stated once that she wanted to put a no fly zone in Russia, knowingly a input that would cause a war with Russia and ultimately cause world war 3. With Trump he said he definitely wanted to grow back good relations with Russia and more importantly aid each other in defeating the evil forces of ISIS that has been ravaging the middle east. With terrorism in the rise in the United States and more often Europe, Trump sternly said that he has a secret plan to defeat ISIS and said he is the right man do it, but he will need the help of other countries in doing so.

To be against the establishment was also a grand bonus when it came to why Trump won, he continuously down talked many politicians and said they were unable to do their jobs and were plain stupid. Stating that the national debt also raised by 9 trillion with the Obama administration in power is his proof of the danger being done. He in all seemed like a rebel, he was against the old ways, defied the rules and manners of being a politician and spoke the way wanted to project his words. His rebellious actions against the mainstream media were extremely comedic to his supporters and made them love him even more, an example is when he was shouting at the cameramen at his speeches to show off his crowds that would attend his rallies and prove to the mainstream media that he had a vast amount of passionate followers, but unsurprisingly the cameramen didn’t budge. He spoke of a vision of making America more prosperous with great feeling and emotion, which Clinton failed to do. All that Clinton and the mainstream media did was build a straw man that claimed he was a racist white supremacist, but many had come to do their own research and find it not true.

Trump outright did not care of what people thought about it. Whenever he was brought upon a conflict he spoke about it solely threw his point of view. People can in favor to him because he was a man with a plan. Everything he said he would do had a plan attached to it. Even he proposed a first 100 day plan when he came into office, he spoke about cutting taxes for the middle class and making the corporate tax from 35% to 15% so that companies can thrive with each other in a free market competition and simplifying the tax code so that there will be more consumer activity in the market. With stating all that in the end the said “Let’s make America open for business!”. The voters loved that! They saw him as a new and fresh choice to making America better in its economic growth and becoming more powerful.

The American people are also growing sick of the movement of safe spaces and being politically correct. Many find it to be unproductive and slows grow down in the social aspect. Trump was all for ending political correctness and showing tough love. With that said he reminded that these times we have had been tough and we have a lot of problems to overcome but together united we can do it.

Breaking the old thinking is what Trump brings to the table and ending the corruption of washington is his main goal. The people have spoken and they want to bring upon themselves a new age, a time when Washington can be cleaned of its ridden corruption, when the citizens of America have a louder voice and be able to take their country back from large corporations with special interests that were attached to the older politicians and especially Hillary Clinton. Trump has captured the hearts of his followers with his ability of portraying himself as an average human being to the public and not a high ranked official in the government or military. He stepped down from his high golden tower in the sky of New York City, to the white house in the capital of the United states of America for one purpose, to serve the people.


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