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After reviewing the guidelines for your zine project and the associated readings, submit a two-paragraph proposal for the details of your project here.

Your proposal should include:

a brief explanation of the areas of privilege and oppression your zine will illustrate (a specific issue of race, class, gender, age, ability, or sexuality) and a working title for your zine
at least two sources from our class materials which might inform the illustrations in your zine
a brief explanation of how you will produce and print your zine (what format or materials might you use, what resources can you rely on?)
a consideration of how or to whom you could distribute at least three copies of your zine to raise consciousness — who would be your ideal audience?
a request to create this zine with a specific classmate, IF you want to work collaboratively. (You can do this project individually or collaboratively — the partnering is up to you and if requested, I’ll approve it in my comment on this proposal assignment).

Second: (4 pages words and 6 pages pictures)
Submit to this assignment:

a file containing your complete zine — image files are fine if you have handmade individual zines, or a PFD scan, or other Word-compatible file;
a file containing evidence of your distribution — images or video of you sharing your zine with at least three people outside this class, or a written explanation of how you shared it.

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