summary and analyse

1.  How did James (1890) characterize Spiritualists’ and, conversely, Associationists’ conceptualizations of mental life and its study … and (not-really-a-spoiler alert) in what did he consider them problematic?


2.  According to Leary (1992), what, specifically, do we gain in our understanding of James’ psychological theories from knowing about James’ training and experience in the arts? 

*Some tips about the readings:

 James (1890)

•   In the passage relation to his graduation day, the word “dateless” refers to a calendar date (i.e., on an unknown date).

In the passages relating to the frog and those relating to Romeo & Juliet, focus on the points he is trying to illustrate (i.e., how does it relate to what is interesting about people and what we ought to accomplish in Psychology?).


300 words


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