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, you will describe the relationship between theÿvariablesÿin your dataset by interpreting the Scatter Plot that you have created. You will describe this relationship by answering the following questions:1. Insert the Scatter Plot you have created into your post.2. Describe the following characteristics of the correlation result as interpreted fromÿthe Scatter Plotÿyouÿjust created:- strength- direction3. Is this aÿPearson rÿScatter Plot or aÿSpearman RhoÿScatter Plot? Justify your answer.4. Based on your interpretation of the Scatter Plot you have created, formulate aÿnullÿhypothesisÿconsistent with these results.5.ÿAre there outliers in this data set? How do you assess for these when interpreting a Scatter Plot?6. What additional information do you need to determine if this correlation is statistically significant? Does the Scatter Plot provide this information? If the correlationÿisÿstatistically significant, does that mean youÿrejectorfail to rejectÿH0?
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