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Was the WWII Era a Watershed for the Civil Rights Movement?

First, a watershed is a historical event of great significance that brings forth change. The change in this instance being the strengthening of the Civil Rights Movement. The most important reason this question is centered around WW2 seems to be due to the drastic increase in demand for workers. Through both the military and jobs created to assist in the war effort, those who were normally discriminated against became necessary in the war effort. This provided African Americans the chance to prove themselves to those who saw themselves as superior, and gave them a stepping stone with which to further pursue racial equality. This was also seen among women, who were able to begin entering the workforce at this time due to the shortage of men available. While the war was an excellent opportunity for minorities to gain a foothold with which to push forward for civil rights, it also hampered the effectiveness of their protests. As a result of the war, many African American men went off to war, drastically lowering the amount of people who could fight for civil rights during the war. Furthermore, the fact that women were forced to being taking jobs in order to feed their families prevented them from protesting as well. Thus, I believe that in the long term WW2 did indeed prove to be a Watershed event for the Civil Rights Movement. However, during the war they were able to make very little progress at all, and as a result were set back in the short term.


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