reserach paper week 4 due soon

Compose a focused paper that explains and describes your healthcare issue or topic from a cultural and ethical perspective of inquiry. (You will cover two perspectives in one paper.)
Form and answer two levels of research questions for each inquiry to address your chosen topic.

Compose a “Level 2 Research Question/Writing Prompt” for each kind of inquiry that provides detail, specificity, and focus to your inquiry, research, and writing.
State your research questions in your paper’s introduction.
Form the body of your paper by answering each research question and support your assertions with evidence (research).
In the conclusion of the paper, briefly review the issues, research questions, answers, and insights.

Your paper must be five pages in length and reference (4) scholarly, peer-reviewed resources. Be sure to follow current APA Style formatting standards

MY TOPIC: Stigma in mental health disorders as anxiety and depression

Question # 1

How do money, power, and control matters relate to the issue and its treatment? (ETHICAL Perspective of Inquiry)

Question # 2

Which cultural traditions affect the treatment(s)? (CULTURAL Perspective of Inquiry
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