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one advantage would be to able to look critically from one perspective of how a subject may be view for there personal bias, perspective and or assumption. While on the contrary be able to have a counter argument on this certain subject. Also, since most personal bias, perspective and assumptions are very broad based it gives an additional advantage that you are able to look at any given topic and really find an array of matter on the subject. 
Between personal experience and cultural exposure i would say have the strongest impact on opinion. Personal experience ways so heavy on how you do approach and do any given thing you come in contact with. For example with my recent move to the south everyone says ma’am or sir. Where as being from the east coast in general those individuals where never brought up that way. As for cultural exposure that goes hand in hand with what goes on in your surroundings and how easily you are able to see why or how individuals do certain things when it surrounds you everyday you allow this to become your new normal and it is implemented as your opinion that this is the way things should or should not be.

Reply 2-3 sentences( disagree- or agree)
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