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Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Assignment 1: Occupy Wall Street Movement.The purpose of this study is to explore and understand the objectivities of the protestors who support the OWS movement and analyzing the movement by using ethical theories such as Utilitarian, Kantian, and Virtue ethics. It will also try to identify the income inequality and wealth distribution in the U.S and those who are responsible for this difference. To achieve this goal, the paper is initiated with the introduction of the OWS movement, its objectives and the ethical theory that applies best to the implications of the movement. The paper will also present the measures to obtain balance in ethical decision making considering economic, moral and legal components. Finally, the study will be concluded by the observation of the writer.In the book “This Changes Everything”, Sarah writes about the OWS group that 99% of America do not just demands change but wishes to transform the way people see themselves, when they feel ashamed of not paying off their debts or being in a bad job that does not earn them back what they deserve or the fact that they are not at all responsible for the downturn of economy or they should not be blamed if they cannot pay off their loans to keep their houses (Ruth and Gelde, 2011).“Occupy! Scenes from Occupied America” is a book written by some of the protestors of OWS movement and they have listed some of the most potential demands that this group has set its focus on (Carla and Blumenkranz, 2011) These demands were to cancel the citizens’ united supreme court decision (make amendments in the constitution), removal of the bull structure from wall street (it was suggested by a man who wore a noose in place of a tie and was dressed as a banker), consider the cancellation of some sort of debts particularly for students, for military intervention, pay as you go (to ensure that wars are not waged without the agreement of congress to provide finance on each level at once), to
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