Project managment | Operations Management homework help

You may select this case: Rebooting a Fundraising Event during a Global Pandemic (Clinic by the Bay).
If you select this option… then complete these tasks:

Determine the project network and critical path.
While some of the tasks from the initial list [Exhibit D] could be taken as already completed or no longer necessary, there are additional tasks [Exhibit E] that need to be included.
Calculate expected task durations using PERT. Does this change the critical activities and/or the duration of the critical path? 
Construct a Gantt chart using project management software that incorporates dependencies and expected durations.
Given that the committee has only decided on going virtual on April 29th, calculate the chance to successfully complete all tasks necessary to hold the event on June 24th without working overtime on weekends or holidays. Should the committee consider working a few weekend days for some tasks, even though that risks committee burnout? Or should they move to delay the event, despite the undesirability of such a delay? (Use Appendix 7.1 in your text for this question)
Lastly, provide an executive overview to the Co-Presidents of the Board of Directors summarizing recommendations and justification for them. (2 pages max, 12pt. font, 1.5 or double spaced)