PPT about transportation strategies of logistics (disasters)

Powerpoint about transportation strategies of logistics in disasters disasters.

The ppt is about::

  • This is a 5-8 minute PPT presentation describing your approach to providing transportation resources to support disaster operations. You may focus on one method- air, sea, rail or road.
  • The key is to identify what resources you will need and how you intend to support/resource it. This does not need to be detailed; 8-10 slides max.

Important notes:

Include comments in each slide because i will read these comments to record an audio in each slide.

only focus on transportation strategies of logistics.

– The references must be official such as (org,edu)

– Use APA style in your citation and references in the last slide.

– please find a good article to talk about transportation strategies and answer the questions above. you may need the uploaded articles below.


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