Please I want This Tomorrow

Please I want This Tomorrow
Step 1: Watch the following movie on Licensing Intellectual Property. This is necessary because it contains vocabulary and explanations of licensing that will be helpful in preparing the deliverable in step 2.
Licensing IP 3-24-14, 3.17 PM.mov84 MB
Step 2. Select one of the topics from the list below and sign up for it here: Each student in your class must choose a different scenario so there are no repeats of topics.
How to License and Record a Cover Song to Post on YouTube and on a CD Licenses a Business, Venue or Event Needs to Play Music: Rights of Public Performance
Rights Releases in Modeling Contracts
Celebrity Endorsement Deals (Right of Publicity, Trademark, etc.)
Product Placement: Licensing Brands for Film Merchandising Licenses for Movie Promotional Items
Licensing Sports Statistics for Use in a Mobile Application
Event Sponsorships: Trademark Cross-Licensing and Quality Control
Rights Contained in an Option Agreement to Turn a Book into a Movie
Franchise Agreements: Exploring the Trademark License from the Franchise Owner to Licensees
Licensing a Song to Use in a Movie, Video Game or TV Show: Rights and Payments
The Difference Between a License and a Sale: Getting Distribution for Your Food Product in a Grocery Store
Affiliate Marketing: How it Works
Distributing a Movie Through Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV
Distributing Music on iTunes, Amazon Prime Music, Spotify and Pandora
User Agreements: How Can Users use Music They Get through iTunes, Amazon Prime Music, Spotify and Pandora?
Placing Your Book in Libraries and in the Kindle Lending Library
Retransmission of Live Sports Events: Do You Need a License?
Trademark Merchandising: How Does a Licensor Exercise Quality Control?
Font Licenses
Stock Photo Licensing: How to Sell Your Photos to Getty and iStock Photos and What Licenses do These Outlets Offer Users
Paparazzi: How to Sell Your Celebrity Photos to TMZ and Other Media Outlets
Licensing Film Clips to Use in Your Blog
Licensing Characters for Video Games
Revenue Structures: Calculating Licensing Payments and Royalties
How to License NFL Player Images for Products
How to Get a License from the NBA (hint: find the application)
Getting a License from CLC for College Merchandise
How to Get a FIFA License for Merchandise (hint: find the application)
How to Get a Synch License from SONY/ATV
How to License a Film Clip from Disney
Step 3. Write a post (or create a presentation–your choice) that is a “how-to” guide for your classmates.
Research the topic, then prepare a “how-to” explaining the topic to the class. To make the post or presentation as practical as possible, give ins and outs, best practices, tips and cautions, etc., and an example (one from the real world or one from your imagination–i.e., what you’d like to do).
Your post or presentation should go into substantial detail demonstrating your expertise in the area. A purely high level explanation will not earn the highest grade–helpful details are key.
Ensure that your post or presentation includes:
The topic you selected.
An explanation of how licensing works in the topic area.
An example of a licensing deal you might do in the topic area (to illustrate the material you just explained).
References in APA format.
Your copyright notice (circled C, year, name).
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