Nursing Ethics Values

Case Presentation scenario. Based on this scenario, write an essay (suggested length of 45 pages) in which you aIDress the following: A. In an introductory paragraph, briefly describe the major topic areas you will be discussing in the paper. B. Justify the importance of ethical theory (i.e., Utilitarianism, Deontology/Kantianism, Virtue Ethics, Moral Particularism) to nursing. 1. Provide one example that shows the importance of ethical theory as it applies to nursing practice. C. Relate the principle of confidentiality to the concept of reasonable limits. 1. Explain the elements of the principle of confidentiality. 2. Summarize the elements of the concept of reasonable limits. 3. Provide a rationale for breaking confidentiality. 4. Based on reasonable limits, justify keeping or breaking confidentiality. D. Identify how to resolve conflict between two or more ethical principles. 1. Summarize one ethical principle that would be in conflict if confidentiality were broken in the given case. 2. Explain an appropriate ethical theory that could support the decision to keep or to break confidentiality. E. Discuss the influence of culture on values. 1. Compare and contrast the cultural values related to confidentiality for the Z family and for the providers (nurse and physician). 2. Propose two nursing interventions that could help reduce or resolve the ethical conflict of keeping or breaking confidentiality. F. Identify one ethical decision-making model used by masters-prepared nurses in the delivery of healthcare. 1. Describe the steps in your selected ethical decision-making model. 2. Apply your selected decision-making model to the given case to determine a decision for resolving the confidentiality conflict.


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