module 05 course project resources for professionals and families

As an early childhood educator you will be responsible for providing a quality learning experience for all of our youngest learners, regardless of their abilities. Throughout this course you have selected and researched a specific disability category and have created a continuing education presentation for yourself, for colleagues, for families, and for other professional individuals. Now it is time to apply your knowledge you have gained to provide resources for families and to provide support for your families going through the process of an IEP for their child.

Note: This is a two-part assignment

Part 1: Resources for Professionals and Families

Your presentation is almost complete. For this assignment, you will create conclusion slides wrapping up your presentation on the disability you selected.

1.Create 3-4 additional slides for your presentation. Add these slides to the PowerPoint document you created in the previous course project assignments. In these additional slides, provide information on the following:

a. Include at least one slide that provides informative resources educators can access in the future for more information.

b. Also include at least one slide with suggestions on how educators can share this information within in the community.

2. Cite your sources where appropriate throughout your slides and add your references to the reference slide at the end of your presentation. Format your research sources and your reference slide in APA format.

Part 2: Letter to Families

Note that you understand the process of creating an IEP/IFSP, assume that you are responsible for working with the family of a child with your selected disability.

To complete this part of the assignment, write a 2-page letter you would send to the family prior to their first IEP/IFSP meeting. This will help you practice communication with families about the special education services their child may be receiving. You always want to show the family that you understand their child’s individual needs and are available as a family support.

Be sure to include the following in your letter

Information about the process

Your support for the family

Their role and your role

Include 2-3 links to family focused resources that will help families wilt their child’s specific disability. Share why you think these resources would be helpful to families.


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