JE- 2

In one of the Module readings it is quoted that, “Consumer-driven health care requires increased participation from patients regarding care decisions; this requires access to understandable information that directly compares options. Unfortunately, patients do not always have adequate and transparent information on costs or quality of care to make ethical and appropriate decisions regarding health care. Thus, they must rely on others to ethically select the best options with respect to care and cost.” Use JE response to provide your opinion how the views presented by the authors in this quote could potentially involve violations of the principles of non-maleficence, respect for individuals and their autonomy, and justice. Discuss with a clear description and understanding of each of the three principles.Requirements:Respond in not more than three typed, double-spaced pages in 12-point TNR fonts: (i) Use at least three relevant citations; (ii) Use APA style throughout; and


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