java question help base four

import java.util.Scanner;_x000D__x000D_public class BaseFour{_x000D__x000D_public static void main(String[] args){_x000D__x000D_Scanner scan = new Scanner(;_x000D_String input = “”;_x000D__x000D_// So long as the String input is NOT 1-60 in length,_x000D_// Ask the user to enter a valid base-4 number up to 60 digits_x000D_// Save the next line of user input to the variable “input”_x000D__x000D__x000D_// If the input string is NOT base-4, tell the user “Bad input!”_x000D_// Otherwise, tell the user “You entered [numeric value of input]”_x000D_// You can call the methods like so:_x000D_// isBaseFour(input) This will give you a true or false value_x000D_// baseFourValue(input) This will give you a long value_x000D__x000D_}_x000D__x000D_private static boolean isBaseFour(String input){_x000D__x000D__x000D_// Go over each character of input_x000D_// If that single character is NOT ‘0’ or’1′ or ‘2’ or ‘3’, return false immediately_x000D_// If you finish going through the characters, return true_x000D_return true;_x000D_}_x000D__x000D_private static long baseFourValue(String input){_x000D_long result;_x000D__x000D_// To start, the exponent is 0 and the next position in _x000D_// in the input string is the string length minus one. _x000D_// You already have a long variable to hold your result._x000D_// While the exponent is smaller than the string length, _x000D_// Get the character at the next position in the input string_x000D_// and store it in a char variable_x000D_// Subtract ‘0’ (not 0) from that character and multiply _x000D_// the result of that subtraction by (long) Math.pow(4, exponent)_x000D_// When the loop is finished, assign the result to the variable “result”_x000D__x000D_return result;_x000D_}_x000D__x000D_}_x000D_
You will need to do the following things:
Get a String of input from the user.Depending on whether the input is valid, announce the number’s value; otherwise, let the user know it is bad input.Write a method to verify whether or not the user’s input string is valid.Write a method to calculate the value of the user’s input string.
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