It is a research paper for a social work class. The paper is about school social work and it has to be 7-9 pages in length. It has to be in APA format and it has to have an abstract. The research paper has to be divided in two parts the first part is the literature review which defining the field of service, why it interests me, what the target population is, what are the practices methods that social workers use in this field, what is the role of the social worker in this field. The second part is what are the presenting problems in this field of service, what are barriers to service for the target population and what are the individual and environmental causes of the problems. The steps are all written in the prompt. We had to do a annotated bibliography and I already did that and we have to use the same sources for the research paper. I attached also the annotated bibliography and the sources so it is clear which ones are needed. I also attached an example of the research paper. So it is mainly about different factors of school social work and what services are provided what problems there are what can be done better.


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