i need help with my discussion 17

Relationship of Height and Weight

  • What is regression analysis?
  • In every-day language, what is a trendline, and what is it telling us?
  • What does it mean to interpolate? What does it mean to extrapolate?
  • Using the given Height and Weight data set, follow the steps in the weekly video or on pages 584-585 of the textbook for performing a regression analysis using Excel to analyze the Height and Weight Data set (assume height is the input variable x and weight is the output variable y).
  • Once you have performed the analysis in Excel, state the correct simple linear regression equation and use the regression equation to predict the weight (in pounds) of a person who is 65 inches tall and the weight (in pounds) of a person who is 100 inches tall.
  • Why might the regression equation you have found not be a good predication of the weight of someone who is 100 inches tall? Are you interpolating or extrapolating when you use the trendline to predict the weight?

Download the Height and Weight Table Here.

The initial post should be a minimum of 150 words.


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