I need 8 slides

8 slides

Students will develop a brand scorecard assessing the brand value and equity of two rival brands competing in the same industry or market space. The assignment is to develop a scorecard and apply it to the selected rival brands. The scorecard will be conveyed in a slide presentation, including presenter notes.

The scorecard and comparison will be based on information from public secondary sources, company web sites, as well as professional experiences and insights. Surveys and primary research are encouraged but not required. Specifically, students will create a brand comparison scorecard and assess the image, resonance, value and equity of the rival brands selected.

The following components and issues will be addressed:

Brand Scorecard: Develop, apply, explain and present a brand scorecard incorporating most if not all of the following criterion. Other criterion may be added.
1. Design. Does the brand name, image, slogan, logo or symbol resonate? Does it align with corporate identity and image? Explain the primary and secondary research methods.

2. Brand Marketing. How is the brand positioned? Characterize how the brands are positioned. Identify the marketing activities that support and contribute to your brand’s positioning strategies. Are there opportunities to further enhance that positioning? What markets and channels have they entered? Are there opportunities to develop new channels or segments?

3. Brand Growth. What customer engagement, advertising, and promotion strategies have the brands adopted? Critique their respective architectures. Can a brand hierarchy be identified? If so, what is good and bad about their hierarchy? Do the brands fit into a broader brand portfolio?

4. Brand Value and Equity. What is the value of the brand to the company? Assess the performance of the brands. How well has it been expanded into new markets or channels? How is the growth strategy evaluated and what kind of tools could be used in that evaluation? How have the customer engagement strategies impacted the brand value?

Please note:

A. At the instructor’s discretion: Each student will have 15 minutes to present, with 5 minutes of that time devoted to Q&A. All students are expected to attend all individual presentations to listen and participate in Q&A.

B. If present, students should turn in a copy of their slides prior to their presentation. The final presentation is suggested be between eight to twelve slides. Exhibits can be added and are not included in the slide total. The presentation should be a top-line summary of the key points from the scorecard.


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