i have to a literary essay about “The Storm” by Kate Chopin, and write an essay based on the following questions. The story is on line.


  • 600 words essay , this does not include the works cited
  • use citation
  • MLA format
  • link of the story        http://www.freewebs.com/lanzbom/The%20Storm.pdf


Essay questions:

*         What is important about the title of the short story, “The Storm”? What are the multiple meanings of “the storm”?

*         What are the conflicts in “The Storm”? What types of conflict (physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional) do you see in this story?

*         How does Kate Chopin reveal character in “The Storm”?

*         What are some themes in the story? How do they relate to the plot and characters?

*         What are some symbols in “The Storm”? How do they relate to the plot and characters?


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