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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on how changes and developments in communication and information technology may influence the coordination of firms worldwide operations. This essay stresses that the research methodology utilised to analyse the research data and describes the various methods used in this study. This research paper basically consists of two data sets – primary and secondary. Primary data set consists of a survey and a questionnaire administered to 40 odd ICT executives and managers at firms with overseas operations. While responses to the survey would be recorded with much more accuracy and detail, responses to the questionnaire would be sifted and collated to identify significant trends and process orientations in company decisions to adopt ICT in the changing overseas markets. Secondary data is being collected through an extensive research effort conducted both online and in libraries. The researcher extensively used the books written on the topic and also studied research journals, reports, graphs, articles, newspaper articles and so on. This report makes a conclusion that the interaction is what differentiates the direct methodology from indirect methodology. Structured interviews enable the interviewer to ask each respondent the same questions in the same way. A tightly controlled structured schedule of questions and format is used, very much like a questionnaire. The questions contained in the questionnaire were planned in advance. The interviewer has some discretion how these might be elaborated/explained but the aim is to standardize data as far as possible and to eliminate biases due to different wordings.
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