final exam essay question worth 125 points

The Arabs, much like the Ancient Greeks, were not a united people but came from various tribes who, despite sharing some cultural similarities, often competed against one another as much as they would trade and help each other. How did Islam help to not only unify Arabs, but create religious community that extended beyond the Middle East?

You are free to use your notes, books and outside reference materials. However, any material drawn from outside references (textbook included), must be cited within your essay. The essay answer is expected to be:

  • Well-written with attention to grammar and spelling.
  • Thoughtfully and carefully organized. (Introduction, Conclusion, Body Paragraphs)
  • Proofread.
  • Answering the question being asked.
  • Demonstrate a heightened level of critical thinking and analysis.
  • Use of outside resources (properly cited) to support the analysis.


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