final course reflection essay

Minimum: 1000 words

Now that you have completed all major assignments for this course, reflect back on the readings, discussions, and work you have done. Look back through your work and through the course Facebook page to reflect on the trajectory of this course. Next, respond to the following questions. Please be as honest, analytical, and self-reflective as you can be.

  1. Describe 2-3 things you learned in this class that you did not know before or had never heard of. Did these new concepts change the way you think? Did these new concepts change the way you act in the world or interact with others?
  2. What is one thing that you will take with you from this class and use in the future? How will you use this knowledge in your future life?
  3. Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? (the way you answer this question will not change the way I grade your assignment. There is no right answer! However you respond, provide reasons as to why you door do not identify as feminist or why you are still not sure, if that is the case.)
  4. Are there individuals in your life and sphere of influence with whom you would like to share the information you learned in this class? Who are those people? Do you think you might share with them in the future? What keeps you from talking to those individuals?
  5. In light of your work overall – from journals to exams to social media engagement – do you believe that you produced the best work you could? Are you satisfied overall with your education in this course?
  6. If you had to give yourself a grade for this course overall (taking in mind your attendance, participation, assignments, engagement, etc.), what grade would you give yourself and why?
  7. In the final section, I want you to write a letter to a future WGS student. The letter should introduce the student to the course and give a brief overview of what it was about. Feel free to use the syllabus and unit outlines to help you be specific. Next, the letter should explain the benefits of a WGS education. You may also explain the limitations of a WGS education, if that makes sense for you. Finally, end your letter with one key issue or story that we learned about in this term (for instance, wage inequality or transgender discrimination or advertising images of women, etc.). Explain that issue in depth using examples from the readings or viewings. I encourage you to choose an issue that you are passionate about or that you were surprised to learn exists. End your letter by coming up with 3-5 things that we can do to make your chosen WGS issue better for future generations. (the letter itself should be 500 words minimum)

– First, read the course syllabus, 8 Journals assignments , 8 social media assignments carefully. Second, write final course reflection essay MINNUM1000 words by meeting the all requirements above.

– Syllabus, 8 Journals assignments , 8 social media assignments– see attachments.

More attachments files will be sending later.


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