ethics in business 6

Follow instructions, no plagiarism


•You are asked to choose an existing business (profit or non-profit) and prepare a report that evaluates their “ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTISE”.

•The objective is to make an “audit report”, thereby assessing their business practises in terms of (choose max. 4):


– Corporate governance and finance

– Marketing

– Employee Relations

– Sustainability

– Technology

• Each of the (max. 4) issues you choose, has to cover a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 400 words. The amount of words include: – description of the activities you find and

– the assessment of these activities (using theory, concepts and approaches towards ethics provided throughout the course)

•The minimum amount of words to be used is 1200

•You may want to include images/graphics etc. (for example from their website) to make your reasoning and argumention more visual and explicative

•Font: Arial. Size: 12,5pts. Line spacing: 1,5. Text align: Justified.

•Appendices and References, do not count towards the final wordcount but are strongly recommended (referencing websites, articles, books etc.)


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