discussion 3410

Chapter 10: Policymakers are tasked with making decisions on issues characterized as wicked problems because of controversies, unknown relationships between causes and consequences, and uncertain futures.

From this perspective, Moody and Gerrits (2015) think that it’s desirable to get decisions mapped ahead of the possible outcomes prior to the actual decision-making because that would generate certainty in ambiguous situations. Looking closely at the Technological perceptions, technology is thought to revolve around humans. It reflects on questions of who drives technology.

Q1: Identify and name up to five (5) of those questions discussed in this debate and provide a brief narrative to support your response?

  • identify and name up to five (5) of these questions discussed in the debate
  • provide a short and clear narrative for each question to support your responses,

  • From this revelation, why is it more common to work with models “mod-ded off-the-shelf” (MOTS)?
    • identify and name the reasons for why it’s more common to work with MOTS as above
    • provide a short and clear narrative for each reason to support your responses,


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