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Case study on Public Safety vs. Individual RightsWhat are the ethical implications of this case study?What are the ethical implications of alternative courses of action?What should we do in this situation and how can we justify that decision?Before you begin your discussion this week prepare by reading Chapter 4 in your textbook. Read the case study located in section 4.12 of your textbook, Case 4: Decoding Public Health Ethics and Inequity in India: A Conditional Cash Incentive Scheme–Janani Suraksha Yojana. View the video summarizing the issues related to public safety and individual rights and providing background for this case. You will respond to Steps 1 and 2 of the 3-Step process by Wednesday and respond to Step 3 by Saturday.Step 1: Analyze the Ethical Dimensions of the Public Health Issue and ContextWho are the main stakeholders and what values and cultural perspectives does each stakeholder bring to this situation?What role should the government play in improving the public’s health?Step 2: Formulate Alternative Courses of Action and Evaluate their Ethical DimensionsDue to a financial downturn, the government is thinking about eliminating the maternal cash incentive program. Here are 3 possible courses of action:Continue the program as it is now.Continue the program, but only if action is taken to smooth the cultural friction in the program.Eliminate the program.What are the ethical implications of these options?Step 3: Provide Justification for a Particular Public Health DecisionFor this step, your discussion team will communicate and decide together the answers to these questions. Your team can discuss and decide using your discussion board or you are welcome to set a time for your team to meet virtually through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. Your groups are large so it might be challenging to find a time that works for everyone. If this is the case, please use the discussion board so everyone can weigh in on the decisions. One team member should make a final post on behalf of the team to share your team’s decision and justification.Your committee must make a recommendation about the continuation or elimination of this program. What will your committee recommend?What is the justification for your decision? (Which ethical principles take priority and why?)
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