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Individual Work (40 points)


Eyewitness testimony is given exceptional weight by jury. However, mistaken and inaccurate eyewitness identification continues to be a problem in criminal trials. In one particular case, 30 witnesses testified that the defendant in a forgery case had committed dozens of forgeries. The man was not convicted because he produced evidence showing that he was in jail at the time the forgeries were committed.
The United States Supreme Court has ruled that reliability of such evidence is paramount. It provided guidelines in the case of Neil v. Biggers, 409 U.S.188, 93 S. Ct. 375 (1972). What were those guidelines? Find a case that cites this case and explain why the court in your case found the Neil v. Biggers case a useful precedent.
This individual work to be completed is an in-depth essay of 1-2 pages, free of spelling and grammar errors.
Your essay should include:

The rationale used to address the question/issue posted
A well-justified argument regarding this issue

Your response must:

Be thought provoking
Have well developed ideas and/or opinions
Reference any material from the text, lecture, or other sources used to complete the assignment

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