cmn 656 term project paper

Our topic is Dover (New Hampshire) adopt climate change adaptation plan. One of the resource could help you is
. You can also do your own research.
Term Project Report #1: Write an analysis of your topic as a public problem that incorporates discussion of the following:
After defining the concept, how would you characterize the public problem as a rhetorical exigence?
Define public spheres and identify the public spheres where this problem undergoes public discussion or debate.
Who are some of the important participants? After defining ownership, identify those persons or groups who are vying for ownership of the problem? How do those persons or groups define the problem to gain that control? Is any group or person attempting to disown the problem?
Define causal and political responsibility. How do participants assign causal responsibility for the problem? How do participants assign political responsibility?
What are the areas of disagreement among participants in terms of the definition of the problem, its causes, or its remedies?
Who is the rhetorical audience or audiences for these discussions and debates? Are there important rhetorical constraints that limit or enhance participants’ opportunities to communicate effectively about the problem? Be sure to define these concepts.
Append a reference page that gives complete citations for your information sources.

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