Cgs 1000 – intro to computers tech.- project (all 4 microsoft offices)

For this project, you will use all four of the Microsoft Office applications to create a unified project on a single topic.


Project Topic

You may select any topic that is of interest to you. The course instructor must approve your topic before you begin working on it–be sure to obtain his/her permission sooner rather than later. Remember that your project will cover ONE topic. You will use ALL of the Office applications to create content related to your chosen topic. 

 Some examples of past project topics include:

• develop a business
• highlight attending HCC
• your favorite sports team
• your favorite sport
• dream car
• moving out on your own
• researching your planned career
• planning a vacation
• planning a wedding
• highlight your native country or culture
• your passion in life, etc.

Project Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for each of the four applications are detailed in the checklists below.

1. Each application component is valued at 65pts.
2.There are 40 points (10 pts each application) allocated for professionalism, effort, and creativity.

  • Professionalism is assessed in evaluation of proper use of the required skills (e.g. competent in tables), grammar, spelling, and overall appearance.
  • Effort is assessed in whether or not the presentation exceeded the minimum requirements
    • Students who meet only the minimum requirements for each software application may not receive the 40 points for professionalism, effort, and creativity.
  • Creativity is demonstrated by applying the software skills acquired during the term.
  • Creativity is measured in various ways, including:
    • applying additional skills covered in the course but not listed as a minimum requirement,
    • adding additional graphics or pictures,
    • applying varying color schemes,
    • creative formatting of the Excel chart,
    • using various design backgrounds with presentation slides,
    • creating your own slide background instead of using a design template,
    • adding a border to the Microsoft Word document component,
    • graphically editing pictures and other graphics,
    • adding external sounds or movie clip in the PowerPoint component, etc.

3. This project must be an original creation, not a copy ‘n paste from this semester’s assignments. All rules concerning Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism will be strictly enforced.

4. The project must be based on your original work.

For the Face pictures, Insert a black picture in that section, and i’ll change it once done. And for lastname titles,  just type “lastname” so that i know and change it aswell when done.

Please open the file i attached, and follow the steps numbers for each Microsoft (Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Word)