Azusa Pacific University Issues of Government Debts & Budget Deficits Essay

Covering Chapter 18 & 19
Find two peer-reviewed economic journal articles from ScienceDirect (You MUST find standard journal articles, not newspaper, online lectures, or magazines) that investigate the issues of government debt and budget deficits, and complete two following tasks.
1. Provide a brief summary of each article.
2. Compare and contrast views and perspectives discussed in both articles (Do not copy sentences and paragraphs directly from the original articles but paraphrase them using your own words).
3. Discuss main contributions of each article to existing knowledge of government debts and budget deficits. In other words, how does each article deal with the mentioned topics differently, compared to existing literature?
Please note that I will not review your actual essay before your final submission.
– All papers must use a minimum of 3 sources. You must cite only peer-reviewed journal articles although the textbook is an acceptable source (however, keep in mind that the textbook is not peer-reviewed resource though).
– You MUST NOT cite online sources or any articles without year of publication and author’s name. Also, you should not cite Wikipedia and investopedia.
– All papers must follow all APA requirements. (I am only looking for accuracy of APA formatting for references)
Also, please refer to the following link, to learn more about APA style and formatting.
– Do not just provide your opinions but your essay must demonstrate mastery and accuracy of relevant economic concepts and theory to receive full credit
– Minimum words requirement: 800 words (not including abstract, title and reference pages
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