Assignment for Market Research…..

Task 1.

Quantum Market Research Subterranean Homesick Blues


Concept: A homage to Bob Dylan’s homesick blues. The researcher shows the types of research that can be done to meet various problems and issues of management.

Clip description: Musical clip of the many varied types of research done by Australian Market Research organisation, Quantum. Note that these vary according to the information needs of clients.

Question for discussion: Why do you think these days that organisations like Quantum use so many different research methodologies and approaches? Would be better if they just concentrated on one method of market research?(350 words)






Task 2

Marketing research iPhone focus group and interviews


Concept: A focus group is shown with four males discussing the use of mobile phones including iPhones. This clip is useful as it shows the types of questions asked in a focus group and how it should be moderated.

Clip description: The clip is quite long at 9.33 minutes and can be used by a class to examine in detail how a focus group is conducted. Although this is an American focus group, the concepts and structuring of focus groups are the same for an Australian audience.

Question for discussion: Write up a report on the focus group. Did the moderator follow the guidelines for a focus group? Note: This is a particularly good class exercise as it shows the depth and richness of qualitative research.(350 words)









Task 3

Sales Training Video – How to use Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data to increase sales


Concept: Sales training video showing how to use Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data and website to increase business sales.

Clip description: A rather long clip of 9.08 minutes, but shows the variety of ways that the Australian Bureau of Statistics uses software from a third provider.

Question for discussion: Why would users pay for a report rather than get it for free from the Australian Bureau of Statistics?(300 words)




Task 4

Motorola research: assisted shopping


Concept: Motorola/Symbol Technologies wants to expand upon their product line and introduce solutions for assisted shopping. In order to understand the main issues that customers face while shopping in large retail stores, the researcher followed five people on their shopping trips. This video highlights the main themes identified.

Clip description: Example of ethnographic research in real time.

Questions for discussion: What are five main themes identified by the researcher with assisted shopping?(300 words)

 Requirements :::::


You are required to make three hundred (300 or 350) words contribution for each task, As a guide, the 

contributions need to be based on thoughts that arise after completing the  reading, watching video 

materials, etc. The thoughts may be based on personal experiences in (a not to be named) 


organisation (past or current), or perhaps from a web-site, journal article or mass media item .






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