arctic critique

Article Critique

All responses must be in the order requested below.

• What is the research problem being investigated?

• What is the rationale for studying this problem?

• How comprehensive is the literature review?

• What are the implications of the research?

• Who is the study sample?

• How was the research sample obtained?

• What biases, exist in the sample if any?

• What is the research design of the study (cohort, case-control, etc.)?

• What study methods were used?

• How are these data presented?

• Is the method of presentation effective?

• Is the method of presentation accurate?

• What were the conclusions of the study?

• What are the implications of the finding for practice and future research?

• What are the limitations of the study?

All critiques must be typed using 12point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced with one-inch margins


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