Application case 5-1 & assignment: module review questions

Read Application Case 5-1 Human Resource Planning and Virtual Human Resource Management on pages 145-146 in the text.Analyze the case and thoroughly answer the four questions at the end of the case. 
Discussion Questions
1.  How has the emergence of the Internet changed the way that organizations plan and manage their human resource needs?
2.  What kinds of future human resource activities might we see developed over the next several years?
3.  What are the legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of the Internet by individual employees for human resource activities? Are you concerned about violations of your own privacy because of these kinds of Web applications?
4.  What specialized skills will the future HRIS professional need in order to effectively manage an organization’s virtual human resource function?
Assignment: Module Review Questions
These review questions will identify a few key topics from the chapters and learning objectives in Module 3. Answer all four questions.
1.  What is HR planning?
2.  List the six steps in the job analysis process. Can any of these steps be skipped?
3.  Why is objectivity difficult to achieve when incumbents conduct the job analysis?
4.  It is generally agreed that HR planning involves four distinct phases or stages, the first being situation analysis or environmental scanning. What are the next three stages?