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Choose a topic related to criminal justice and it should be in Apa style
Activity: Interviews & Researcher Error Part I•Objective: to gain a better understanding of the effects of research error•Instructions1.For 10 minutes, administer a “clinical” style interview •Explain to me what you chose to examine in your Part I of your research proposal and how it fits in to your major.•Explain to me how you came across your major.•Tell me how you imagine your future career and the work you hope to do after graduation?
Activity: Interviews & Researcher Error Part II•Objective: to gain a better understanding of the effects of research error•Instructions:•Write your answers to the following class period for discussion•How was the behavior different in each of the clinical-style interviews?•What kind of information did you get from your interview that you might not have using other forms of data collection•If you engaged in this activity again, do you think you would you get the same results?•What do you think is the purpose of this activity?
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