American revolution assignment – his121 w2 american revolution

In every history class there is a limited amount of time and teachers must decide what topics, events, and people are absolutely musts for the course, what things they want to include because they are interesting or uniquely valuable, and what topics or sources they simply don’t have time to teach.

Your job this week is to practice making the same decisions that teachers make all the time.

Make a list of 8 topics, peoples, events, or ideas that you believe a teacher must cover in order to effectively teach the American Revolution.

For each topic students must include a 1-3 sentence description of the person, event, topic, or idea.

Second, include a 3-5 sentence explanation clarifying why this person, event, topic, or idea is an absolute must.  Then discuss how it fits into the general theme of 1760s-80s.

All sources must be from the GMC library for this assignment.  Make sure to provide full references in APA format for each item on your list for where you got your information.