advancing the nursing profession

Nurses’ expertise and empathy are valued in the health care setting. As nurses, we should ensure that we each contribute to advancing the nursing profession through health policies that will improve health care. you will have the opportunity to become a grassroots nurse advocate by acting and speaking as one collective voice. Follow the steps outlined below to write a letter to your Congressperson or Senator to express your view on an issue in nursing that is negatively or will negatively impact health care. The letter should be typed and proofread with no plagiarism

Instructions==> Address the following in about 4 paragraphs to include:

1.  Introduce yourself; state the issue that you will address in the letter that is causing the problem

2.  Your opinion on this issue. Why is your issue important for you as a registered nurse; research about the issue to support your argument;

3.  Restate your purpose for writing the letter. Ask the Congressman/Senator to help to take action to address the issue.

we have to include the bill. If the bill exist, use it, if not, make one. Your recommendations are the ones you want in your bill. Ask the Legislator to help take action to support your bill. Please look up Florida congressmen of Palm beach county and address them directly. And look up a bill. I have attached a sample copy of what the letter is suppose to look like. Please see attachment.

4.  Ensure that you thank the Congressman/Senator


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