For this Assignment, you will practice communicating your project topic, findings, and recommendations in the context of one dissemination method: a conference. 

Specifically, you will develop an abstract for a poster session based on your Practicum Project. The call for abstracts comes from Phi Nu, Walden’s chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, and is representative of others you may see in the field.

To prepare: 

  • Review      the Writing Center materials on conference proposals and presentations and      on writing concisely.
  • Download      and complete the Poster Abstract Template found in the Learning Resources.      Answer the questions in numerical order and write concisely.
  • Tip:      When submitting abstracts through juried/peer-reviewed processes,      follow exact directions. Do not give reviewers a reason to eliminate      your abstract. As future scholar-practitioners, you will      submit abstracts to disseminate scholarly works. It is imperative      that you follow exact directions. 


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