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Assignment: Egypt in Two Days Brochure
Use the information from the two-day tour of Egypt to create a trifold brochure. A trifold brochure can be made from a piece of plain white paper by folding it in thirds (see the picture above). This will give you 6 pages for information about the tour.Tour The World, a travel and tour company, needs a brochure advertising its tour of ancient Egypt. You have been hired to design the brochure.
1. On the first page of the brochure, include:

The name of the company (Tour the World)
A company logo or picture
The name of the tour (Tour of Ancient Egypt)

2. Choose five places or topics to write about on the rest of the pages in your brochure from the list below.Choose the ones you think the most people would be interested in seeing or learning about!
Places on the tour:

Nile River
Great Pyramid
Temple of Hatshepsut
Temple of Isis

Topics covered on our tour:

Time Keeping
Ancient Egyptian Entertainment
Hieroglyphic Writing

3. Write a paragraph that describes each place or topic, and draw a picture for each one. You should have at least 5 paragraphs and at least 5 pictures on your finished brochure.
Use the brochure coversheet and the brochure rubric to guide your writing.
Choose from the following options for creating your brochure:

Make your brochure on a plain sheet of white printer paper. To submit it to your teacher, use a scanner to digitize the drawing, or take a picture of it with a digital camera.
Use a drawing program on your computer such as Microsoft Paint (on Windows machines, go to Start-Programs-Accessories-Paint), and save the file as a .jpg or .gif.
Use a desktop publishing or presentation program on your computer such as Microsoft Publisher or PowerPoint or software from OpenOffice.org.

Follow your teacher’s instructions to submit this assignment.

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