197 small reading discussion

Only 1 page, 2 paragraphs. MLA double space

Read the Example carefully, your response should just like the Example.

You need to use at least 3 reading in your response. No outside sources.

Also check the lecture.

Write a question in the end for discussion like the example.

Please be carefully , the example is not same prompt.

Reading response prompts:(Choose ONLY ONE Prompt)

Referencing readings and pose new questions or issues for discussion.

1. Mexico’s militarization of drug enforcement and ‘decapitation’ strategy for cartels seem to have led to more violence. What other strategies could Mexico’s government use to reduce violence?

2. Would legalizing drugs in the US reduce or end cartel-related violence?

3. If drug-related organized criminal violence and military or police violence causes more deaths in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico than many wars, should we call these situations wars? Why or why not?

4. Tilly argues that states are large-scale protection rackets. Is he right? How do or don’t states differ from criminal organizations?


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