​Crime prevention paper

Seven to eight pages, double spaced fully researched and foot-noted.

Please find attached is the questions and response from an individual, currently incarcerated for a serious criminal offense.

You are to examine their responses, and determine if any specific theory regarding criminal behavior could have been applied to as a preventive measure.

The paper should have a copy of your out-going letter, a copy of their response. The response and out-going letters do not count for the graded paper. Questions paper sample is uploaded and inmate response is uploaded too.

*** Your paper, the seven to eight pages, should cover, A) you reason for asking those questions, B) any insight you obtained from their response, C) whether the inmate was sincere and open and finally, D) in your opinion, what preventive measures could have been taken to intervene.

Please let me know if you need additional information, however, all materials are provided for your reference including the slides, the questions, and the responses.


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